What to Expect

My main goal is your baby's comfort. Please don't hesitate to bring Pinterest ideas and poses you love so that we can recreate them. I photograph at least a couple of newborn babies every week, so I am familiar with how unpredictable newborns can be, and am flexible to help however I can.

Please keep in mind that I am a lifestyle photographer, meaning I will work with your baby being awake or asleep, but that it will affect the images, so a happy baby is key! Unlike most photographers who require newborns to be taken within their first ten days, I do not have an age limit on my newborn sessions. Lifestyle photography is about capturing your baby as realistically as possible, so while we might try for some cute "moldable" poses, if baby isn't loving them, that's okay! Whether your baby is awake or asleep, wiggly or relaxed, we will get some adorable shots of them just the way they are.

Light skin retouch is complimentary. Included is light smoothing of skin, and removal of small, non permanent facial imperfections. 


newborn photo

How to prepare 

Outfits + Props
I will have my arsenal of baby outfits / wraps / props with me, but a personal touch is always a great idea. Please feel free to bring your favorite nursery decor, a favorite (small) stuffed animal, etc. Or on the contrary (and recommended!) just bring your baby and I can take care of the rest! Please note that bringing a lot of props will change the consistency of my work, as I can't control colors and positioning of the baby as well as I can when we use my props and accessories. Small items are great, like stuffed animals we can cuddle next to baby, so that the focus can be on baby and not on props. Clothing, especially with writing, is the toughest thing to blend into newborn sessions, so please try not to bring outfits/onesies/etc unless they are absolute must-haves. I always suggest one of my colored swaddles with a bonnet/headband so that we can really focus on the baby's features. 

I love coming up with themed ideas! I have had clients who love Disney, golfing, Harry Potter, etc. come up with some fun ideas to infuse their personality and hobbies into the newborn photos. Let me know any ideas you have ahead of time, or just bring some items with you that you think would be fun to use in photos (taking into consideration the info above).


We can absolutely include older siblings or Mom / Dad in our newborn session. Please let me know ahead of time so I can plan for this.

Happy Babies are the Key!

I usually can get through three outfit / setups during a newborn session, depending on how happy we can keep baby. Please feed and burp baby right before our session so that we have a full belly (aka a sleepy baby!).  I highly encourage keeping baby up a bit later the night before and feeding right before our session, and I will use my best tricks to keep him/her nice and sleepy. A sleeping baby is the only way we can recreate most "Pinterest" poses, so please keep in mind that if baby doesn't sleep, we will go for more lifestyle images. We will do three setups/outfits during this time, and if you'd like to include parents/siblings, this counts as 1-2 setups.


payment + turnaround on gallery

I accept cash or payment via Venmo at the time of our session. 

My turnaround is two weeks from the date of our session, and I always aim to get them back sooner! 

All images will be edited in my style as a finished product, with complimentary light smoothing of skin and removal of small, non permanent facial imperfections. I do not release the unedited/RAW images as they are not a representation of my work, thank you for understanding.

Please let me know if I can help you at all in your preparations!

how do i print my photos?

Good question! You can purchase directly through your gallery, and the prices are super affordable. Simply add each photo to your cart and choose what size you'd like, and you can even crop them or turn them black and white. I can't wait to see which ones are your favorites!