omg, it's almost your wedding day

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Mailing address for after wedding day
Where can I mail your goodies?
Please also include address (and hotel name and room if necessary)
If so, please describe any ideas you have and where you would prefer to do the first look.
Also, who is walking you down the aisle?
If so, what time does it begin/end (can be approximate as this will likely vary based on where we are at with photography)?
Please share relationship so I can capture special images of you with them
One thing I like to share with my brides is that it is ideal to have some kind of signage as guests enter letting them know you have a photographer & to please keep cell phones away during the ceremony. You would be surprised how often a gorgeous aisle shot of you walking down the aisle can ruined by someone sticking their phone out! By selecting "yes" below, you are acknowledging that I am the sole hired photographer for your wedding and are giving me priority when it comes to taking your photos ahead of any guest with a camera/cell phone, and also releasing liability of any images that are obstructed by a guest with a camera or cell phone.
I have a shot list I bring to every wedding to ensure I try to cover every moment. Here are some items I would love you to have ready for me to shoot as soon as I arrive. Including (but not limited to) dress, shoes, garter, invitation, BOTH rings, veil, flowers, jewelry, and any other family heirlooms that they would like photographed