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Wedding Date
Wedding Date
Mailing address for after wedding day *
Mailing address for after wedding day
Where can I mail your goodies?
Please give the actual address for GPS purposes
Please also include address (and hotel name and room if necessary). Bride's and hair should be finishing up as I arrive.
Please give the actual address for GPS purposes
If so, please describe any ideas you have and where you would prefer to do the first look. Please note that if you choose not to do a first look between October and March, that we will have limited photos of the bride and groom together due to the sun setting earlier in the evening.
Also, who is walking you down the aisle?
If so, what time does it begin/end (can be approximate as this will likely vary based on where we are at with photography)?
Family photos do not have to take over 30 minutes of cocktail hour. However, this is only possible if we are organized beforehand! Please list ten different groupings for family photos. For example: 1. Bride and groom with parents. 2. Bride and Groom with grandparents. 3. Bride and Groom with siblings. Within these groupings, I will do my best to get small pairings (ex. B&G with Groom's parents, B&G with Bride's Parents, etc.) If you have a very large family and more than 10 group photos, I suggest saving some of the extended family shots until the reception so that family portrait time will not interfere with your bride + groom portraits and wedding timeline and you will not keep your guests waiting at the reception. (Please include names so that I can call family members by their first name as we organize the portraits) EX: B&G with Bride’s Parents (Kevin & Brenda) Please make sure to tell ALL of these people ahead of time that they are expected to stick around for photos immediately following the ceremony.
This helps to avoid awkward situations during family photos.
One thing I like to share with my brides is that it is ideal to have some kind of signage as guests enter the ceremony letting them know you have a photographer & to please keep cell phones away during the ceremony. You would be surprised how often a gorgeous aisle shot of you walking down the aisle can ruined by someone sticking their phone out or standing in the aisle to record a video on their phone! By selecting "yes" below, you are acknowledging that I am the sole hired photographer for your wedding and are giving me priority when it comes to taking your photos ahead of any guest with a camera/cell phone, and also releasing liability of any images that are obstructed by a guest with a camera or cell phone.
Videographers are a wonderful addition to your wedding day, and we will work as a team to get the shots we both need. However, because I am the one setting up the poses, it's very important that the videographer allow me the space to get the shots I need, and then I will turn the shot over to them. Often, videographers are up too close and end up in important shots, like during the ceremony. By clicking the box below, you are agreeing that I am not held liable for any images obstructed by the videographer.
Example: mom buttoning up my dress, laughing photo with maid of honor
Here are some items I would love you to have ready for me to shoot as soon as I arrive. Including (but not limited to) dress, shoes, garter, invitation, BOTH rings, veil, flowers, jewelry, shoes, tie, and any family heirlooms that they would like photographed.
Example: Ceremony - 4pm Cocktail hour - 4:30-5:30pm Dinner served - 6pm