By booking a session, you are agreeing to work together to come up with beautiful images that will be edited in my style. The final post production and editing styles, effects, and overall look of the images are left to my discretion. While I welcome location suggestions, please note that locations I suggest are ones I am familiar with, where I can control lighting, composure and scenery. If we shoot at an area of your choice, while I will photograph to the absolute best of my ability, I cannot promise these factors won't be compromised. I use social media to share sneak peeks of my sessions, and you may find your images on my website as well. While most clients love this, if you'd prefer yours not be shared, I am happy to oblige.  Please arrive on-time; if you arrive late, that time will be subtracted from our total session time. During our session, a joyful cooperation is important, meaning listening to and participating in the prompts/activities I give you is necessary to allow us to capture genuine moments and real smiles.


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reshoot policy

If for some reason the client isn't satisfied with their photos, client will need to contact the photographer in the 48 hours following the gallery delivery in order to come up with a solution. If necessary, a reshoot will be offered at 50% of the cost of the session. In this case, all images from the first session will be permanently deleted and won't be delivered to the client.