Natalie's Lifestyle/Fitness Shoot | Fairfield, Ca

When Natalie approached me to work on a lifestyle/workout themed shoot for her I immediately jumped at the chance. There is nothing I love more than creative projects like this one! Natalie was a doll to work with and we both had a blast while I captured her working out and showing off some of her favorite exercises. Natalie has an an amazing outlook on body image and self love and it was truly inspiring working with her, especially because I've known her since she was little! She's now a senior in high school and it's been awesome watching her grow into a young woman.

"Working out has been my life since I was little because of the pressure put on me to look a certain way but it wasn’t until about two years ago that I realized for me to do something so much, I needed to love it not treat it like a chore. I took a step back to really look at myself and the kind of person I wanted to be in my life and saw a completely different side of myself... I saw self love, and a strong girl who is independent and can do anything I put my mind to, so I applied it to the gym and my diet and started to see a difference in how I was feeling and acting and I liked the results." - Natalie




Desiree + JD | Couples session | Fairfield, CA

About once a month I try to do a shoot that is purely to indulge my creativity. Sometimes it's a new studio setup I want to try, sometimes its a new location or an idea I saw on Pinterest. Whatever it is it gives me a creative release and keeps me from getting photographers block. Editing always ends up falling by the wayside because I never feel right editing photos until my clients have their photos back. That break in between gives me a new perspective on  the photos and I am so excited to bring you this mock engagement shoot that has been in the works for so many months now.

Desiree and her husband were kind enough to share this vision with me and words cannot describe how excited I am about how they turned out. Feeling stuck in your creative endeavors? Take a break, reflect on what makes you happy and GO FOR IT!