Monica + Andrew's Wedgewood Stonetree Wedding - Novato, California

Monica and Andrew had a gorgeous venue, Wedgewood Stonetree in Novato, on a very rainy, chilly day. Luckily, the venue has the ability to move everything into their beautiful indoor area, which is what they decided to do when the chance of rain went up that afternoon. Of course there wasn’t a sprinkle until the minute we started photos, and we absolutely made the most of it… scroll down to see those amazing rain photos! Monica is incredibly sweet- the kind of girl you just want to be friends with immediately! Andrew is the life of the party- he had everyone dancing all night! They have been together for so long, and having been best friends since middle school, their bridal party had known each other forever and they couldn’t have been more supportive of this marriage. It was such a blast spending the day with them and following their love story!