A Week in Charleston

When you first mention Charleston, a lot of people don't know where it is, which surprises me because it's such an iconic town! (Probably helps that I watch too much tv, as we all know, and one of my favorites films in Charleston- see below for when I met Shep from Southern Charm!!) When my cousin got engaged and planned her wedding in Charleston, where my aunt and uncle live, I instantly started planning my wardrobe. Of course, I didn't actually end up buying anything until a week before, but southern fashion was still on my mind. I will link all my dresses at the bottom of this post! 

We were invited to a different event each day, which made all us of so comfortable with the other wedding guests by Saturday evening, and we all had a blast dancing together at the wedding. Each night was something different, like a welcome party at my aunt's amazing home, a cocktail party with a view of Charleston, a bachelorette at Vendu Rooftop, the list goes on! Matt and I spent a day at the Aquarium, which proved to be the very best we have ever been to. It was impeccably clean, the animals were so well taken care of and happy (even the wounded sea turtles they are rehab-ing!)

I've mentioned this in previous blogs, but I am horrible about taking my camera places. We are more of vacation-enjoyers versus documenters, but Matt encouraged me to start bringing a "real camera" places so we will have these memories to look back on and I am so glad I did! A lot of these were taken by iPhone, but the charm of Charleston just radiates no matter what you're shooting with! We totally fell in love with the town and are dying to go back one day. It's a truly, truly beautiful (and humid as hell) experience that we will cherish forever!


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