San Francisco Surprise Proposal | Bianca + Josh

Ten years ago, I met the friend I have religiously called "the sweetest person you'll ever meet." Bianca is the type of friend every woman should have- you can trust her with your secrets, vent to her without being judged, and she will totally make you laugh all the time! From playing her mother in Romeo + Juliet, to hours and hours sipping caffeine, to her using my ID far before she was 21, I am lucky to call her one of my very, very best friends. Throughout the years we have shared all of our ups and downs, and ever since she met Josh, those ups have far outweighed the downs, and I am excited to share their story.

About a year and a half ago, I heard about a wonderful guy (Josh!) that she'd met at Outsidelands in San Francisco and the next thing I knew, she was on on a first date... in a helicopter... flying over Santa Monica. Yes, you read that right- dream date status! I could tell by the way she talked about him that this was going to be serious. Being a great photographer himself, Josh toted a camera along on all their dates and was always up for spontaneous adventures, which is exactly what she needed. She relocated from Los Angeles to San Francisco to be with him, and that's when it became obvious they had found their soulmate in each other.

When Josh asked me to capture his proposal, I about died. What more could a girl want than someone to love the hell out of their best friend and do something so special and memorable for her?! We messaged back and forth and planned exactly how and when he would pop the question, and we had to make sure that Bianca wouldn't catch on to the plans. He brought a bunch of "secret" Valentine's props to throw her off the scent, and bought the coolest ring box that was so thin it would look like a wallet in his pocket so there was no chance she'd see it. I'm pretty sure she was in complete shock when he pulled out the "marry me" sign and I watched as she tried SO HARD not to look at it... and the rest is history. Scroll down and enjoy the story of their proposal.

Oh yeah... she said YES!