Tina + Mike's Maternity Session | Fairfield, CA

As soon as Tina sent me a photo of her red dress, I knew we had to be out in this white grass field in Suisun Valley (Fairfield area). I am obsessed with the gorgeous train, and her makeup (by Aliyah Puerto out of Vacaville) was absolute perfection. This is a very special occasion for them- Tina and Mike are expecting their first baby, after thirteen years together- yes, I said THIRTEEN! She was so open with her IVF journey that it made me feel like I'd known them forever. Her baby is due just one month after mine. We were talking about how different our lives will be in just a few months, and Mike said so matter-of-factly "Yeah... but I am SO excited for it." He also made sure Tina got lots of solo shots to commemorate her pregnancy- sometimes it's the littlest things that show me the most about who people are. These two are going to be fantastic parents, I can just feel it!