Non-Cheesy Holiday Decor | Halloween Edition

I am not a fan of holiday colors. I repeat, I cannot stand bright orange and green for halloween, not to mention it wouldn't look great in our house. This year, Michael's had decorations for Dia de los Muertos (which is my favorite) and I dug through the racks to find the least cheesy items I could. At first glance, the sugar skulls looked gaudy, but against a neutral palette like our mantle, they really popped and looked perfect for my "Halloween" decor. I brought in maroon candle sticks, gold glitter candles for some texture and to tie in the gold frames, and a printable from Pinterest. The other decor stays up year round (in some variation), with my crystals near the window so they can charge during the day. Can you tell I love candles? Always a good gift idea, just sayin... anyway, enjoy! Everything is from Michaels!