Margarita Night with Stirrings

margarita idea

So if you know me, you know I love a good cocktail. I'm not that into fruity drinks and pre-made mixers, but moreso into craft cocktails and real ingredients. For my last birthday, we went to San Francisco and made our way through every craft cocktail bar we could find in the Mission and it tasted my way through way too many bourbon diets with a sprig of rosemary and mules with a tist of jalapeño... it was heaven.

Last weekend, Matt and I decided to switch it up and have a margarita night at home. Our local liquor store was trying out a new brand (which I found on Amazon here) of margarita mix, and it was surprisingly low in calories and sugar in comparison to a lot of the regular brands on the shelf. It was so easy to use- mix the tequila, ice and mix into a blender, or simply pour over ice. 

I am thinking about trying out making new cocktails and sharing them here. I have a super exciting bartending menu for my 30th birthday next money, so I may have to test out some recipes on you guys!